leak detection Services


gas Leak detection

Gas is injected into a section  of a water pipe. The gas then comes to the surface through soil or pavement and allows us to see where your leak is located. 


Thermal Imaging

Moisture causes subtle heat differentials. Our thermal imaging cameras can detect the smallest temperature differences which tells us where in the pipe your leak is located.  


Drain Camera Inspections

Drain camera inspections are perfect for detecting leaks when there is a persistent or re-occuring block.


Digital Acoustic leak detection

We use highly sensitive wire digital microphones for listening for water leaks located around valves and hydrants.  


Pipe Tracing and Locating

A pipe locator uses conductive or inductive methods to find hidden pipes with a high level of accuracy. We are able to check walls, ceilings, floors and underground for concealed pipes prior to renovation, demolition or digging safely. 

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